Algae Cleaning

By · Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Algae Cleaning

Betta fish, also called Siamese fighting fish are one of the most popular types of fish found in homes around the world. Their vibrant colors and style active life seems to draw in fish fanatics as well as those who have never fished before. Betta are relatively easy to care for and their low maintenance is particularly attractive for people who want to have fish but Dona't have plenty of time to care for them.

Once you bring home your Betta you should begin to become familiar with their movements and typical behavior patterns. When you look at the fish after youÂ've had for a while youÂ'll know if something is wrong, if they are not feeling well, or if the water in your bowl is not in the best condition simply by being observant.

1. Sure that the bottle or container to keep your Betta in is big enough so that you can swim and not bump or tear his fins or scales. Also make sure there is plenty of the surface in order to receive enough oxygen.

2. Your Betta will develop in the cleanest water you can provide for him. It does not require a filtration system, but must move to a third of his water every three days to keep it fresh and clean and keeps your finned friend of bacterial or fungal infections. Water age (water that has been established for twenty-four hours) is what should be used to replace old water.

3. Do not put your Betta fish with other BettaÂ. They are called Siamese fighting fish, as they are, in fact, fighting fish. Breaking each other, often causing the death of at least one of the fish before stopping. Betta can be, along with algae eaters, guppies, catfish corydorus or safety.

4. Use a turkey baster to clean small particles of uneaten food or debris from the bottom of the bowl or jar. Allowing this debris to sit at the bottom of the jar will cause water to become cloudy, unsanitary, and the horrible smell.

5. The pH of your tank should be exactly 7.0. You can get a pH test kit at your pet store along with solutions to reduce or increase the pH of your water.

6. When cleaning the plants, rocks, or decorations in the bowl you should never use soap on them. ItÂ's very difficult to completely clarify all the soap of these items and the soap residue can harm or even kill your Betta. Instead, use warm water and an abrasive brush to clean his things.

7. Keep the tank Betta, jar or container with a lid! Its Beta Dona't jumps and I have just dropping on the table! Keep the water level at least two inches from the top tank should also reduce this problem.

8. Your Betta is a meat eater and likes live foods such as brine shrimp the best. Frozen bloodworms are also a good choice for consumers of meat. Most Betta fish will happily eat the Betta pellets sold at most pet stores. For a treatment Special occasionally should offer some live food! YouÂ'll have fun watching him eat it up!

9. Do not decorate your Betta bowl with rocks or marbles that may cause your Betta to get stuck between or under them. Make sure they are smooth and flat surface that provides no risk to the health of your fish.

10. Remember that fish is a living, breathing responsibility. You need to feed, clean and care for your Betta just like you would any other pet. If hea is sick take him to the vet, if hea is hungry feed him, if your house is dirty, clean.

Thata's it! These ten tips for caring for her Betta fish will do well on your way to maintain a healthy fish. Internet Group Betta or library books can be a great source of information if you want to learn more about your finned friend!

Adam Short is the owner of Betta Fish Center and co-wrote the above article with Amanda Fenton. Amanda has been caring for Betta fish for over 25 years. She is a contributing writer to – site providing information and tips on betta fish care.

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