Aquarium Lcd

By · Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Aquarium Lcd
Is it okay to mount an LCD TV above an aquarium?

I have a 42 "LCD TV and am about to create a saltwater aquarium 55 gallons. I'm thinking of mounting the TV on the wall and the creation of the tank below the TV. I wonder if anyone has done this and what results did you have? Evaporation is a problem for the TV? I am open to any ideas or comments on the topic …. thanks!

Want to take that risk? Why not ride one in your shower / Bathroom? Too much moisture for? What About TV service over the aquarium? Taking on the floor and fell OOOps, dang Where this substance slider is? It seems that algae … I would take it for yourself before I service for you … It's to protect me.

LCD aquarium

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