Siphon Tank Cleaner

By · Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Siphon Tank Cleaner
I just cleaned my tank and I found two baby Malaysian trumpet snails. How many more will I wait?

Well, so diverted the tank. I found two baby Malaysian trumpets to be that of my adult children. How many more am I supposed to wait? Do you have more than two babies each time? Do not want to get rid of them. That was not my question …

Infinitely. Malaysians are hermaphroditic, so that each snail is both male and female (only is required for youth). They are also viviparous. And they can be very few babies, but I've never counted how many at once. I have these in a catfish tank, and I have a few in each of my other tanks – remain small are great at cleaning and aeration in the gravel, especially in planted aquariums where you do not, you can clean too close to plant roots (not either eat plants). They tend to multiply quickly, but you can sort of keep their numbers low control of both cleaning the debris as possible from the gravel. Also, do not play well, if the temperature is 70th or lower.

How to clean/siphon an aquarium – part 2.

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