Thermometer Fish Tank

By · Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Thermometer Fish Tank
Broken thermometer in the fish tank … Need help?

I was cleaning my fish tank out of the bulb and the bottom broke off and the bubbles red liquid floated to the surface and smelled a strange odor. I'm going crazy now because I am 7 months pregnant. I'm reading that if it was definitely red mercury was not … Is it true or are some that have red thermometers have mercury? I'm worried … because I smelled something after it initially broke. Right now I'm more worried about me and my breathing unborn child, whatever it was that I smelled the smell (if it was mercury) … I just need know for sure if someone can tell me if it was red mercury is certainly not. Thanks Thanks for all the answers. I was a mess yesterday. I finally called my obstetrician and told me not to worry that all is well. Fish tank looks great and the fish seem fine … at least for now. I did a partial water change / add (30%) yesterday cycle and added some to it.

information received is accurate thermometers from today are no longer dangerous, as in years ago no danger, as well as cut, but the fluid is harmless

Snail rides water thermometer in Molly and Sonny Boy’s fish tank

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