Aquarium Heaters Pet

By · Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Aquarium Heaters Pet
Goldfish Aquarium Problems?

I have 3 goldfish in a tank of 29 gallons. I run a filter pump oxygen while inside the tank. A heater as well. Two goldfish are perfectly fine, the third is to swim at the top of the tank and then swim under one minute or two then back to the top right corner of the tank and glass face. I check my pH levels are ideal. At the top of the tank they've noticed as a layer lightweight foam, but I can speak with an employee of a pet store and they told me is because I am putting oxygen in the tank. I feed my goldfish once a day, every nite before going to bed. Am I doing something wrong that I am unaware. What can I do to make livelier

pH is not important should be control is necessary to check the ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, it is these three that, if unchecked, can kill fish. Ammonia and nitrite should be 0, nitrates at 20 ppm. Any deviation of a fish will do serious internal injuries and burn the gill tissue, causing them to suffocate and begin to gasp at the surface. Test the water with a liquid test kit, not the pet store to make, buying your own equipment. Make a water change of 50% with dechlorinated water and see if that improves things. Goldfish How are you going to need to grow an update of the tank!

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