Aquarium Protein Skimmer

By · Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Aquarium Protein Skimmer
Protein Skimmer for Nano Cube 28g HQI?

I need a protein skimmer for my saltwater aquarium reef. I am using the 28g Nano Cube HQI, but the protein skimmer is included with the Nano Cube does not allow the cover in its entirety (even partially) open. What is a good protein skimmer to be calm, without microbubbles, preferably external (built-in artificial section sump in the back of the Nano Cube is limited in space). Thanks in advance.

Outsourcing could be difficult, but you can get a Tunze 9002 to accommodate a cup inTank the nanocube. Visit the following sites for further help. The first is a nano-reef forum where you can see many members nanocubes "or visit" all-in-one forum of the different mods used in nanocubes. The second is inTank the site, which is managed by a member of specializing in all-in-one tanks.

Episode 54, pt 1. The Protein Skimmer & Calcuim Reactor, LA

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