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By · Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Many owners of saltwater aquarium panic at the sight of algae reef tank and do everything possible to eliminate it from their tanks. But that is almost a task impossible because algae is part of the natural ecosystem and without the tank would fail. The key to success is, however, to keep to minimum levels that do not take more Screen reef aquarium.

How To Control Algae Reef Aquarium easily

Natural predators – All about the reef is a predator and algae is no exception. Through the use of snails and crabs to feed your algae growth should remain contained. There are even colors and some algae eating fish useful as a pin, blennies and some angelfish that can help the snails and crabs.

Use pure water for nitrates and phosphates are the main causes of algae in aquariums. Many times the tap water is full of these compounds so that when you do a water change that is getting worse things! To avoid this a good unit reverse osmosis water treatment plant will provide 99% of nutrient-free water for use in your tank.

Good Tank Maintenance – Doing frequent water changes and maintenance of critical equipment and clean protein skimmers go a long way in reducing compounds of the feeding of algae in your reef aquarium.

You can also take a small power head and waste is eliminated right work of the rock before a water change and remove when the water trap.

Maintain good lighting – Old bulbs tend to move to the red part of the color spectrum that will make the reef aquarium algae to grow much faster than normal. To prevent this color change light bulbs each change 7-9 months as part of its regular maintenance program.

Have good movement – Having adequate circulation reef aquarium not only increase the oxygen in the water, but also keep waste as Uneaten food and fish waste suspended long enough to be captured and removed tank through the filters or protein skimmers.

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