Carbon Media Filter

By · Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Carbon Media Filter

Chlorine shower filters offer a shower safer than a standard shower head alone. Why? Throughout the world, chlorine is routinely added to purify the water. Unfortunately, while it is purifying water, chlorine itself is a pollutant that can affect your health. Filtered water offers a clean shower much safer for the user and helps prevent signs of aging that contaminants such as chlorine can progress. Without filters, our skin can become dry and flaky and oily hair is left our scalp does not feel clean. Over time, the effects of chlorine can also put us at risk of developing problems with heart and skin damage and increased risk of developing cancer.

More than any other method of ingestion, showering us exposed to high levels of chlorine consumption. We breathe in the vapors chlorine when taking hot showers, besides that, chlorine is absorbed through the open pores in our skin. In addition to creating problems, chlorine is also responsible Some of the worsening conditions. Skin diseases like eczema and lung problems like asthma worse when chlorine in the water bath. You also may notice that your eyes are irritation or itching after a hot shower, this is also caused by chlorine.

Chlorine shower filters are use a KDF media to filter the water (this is because granular activated carbon GAC or generally not be treated with hot water and wear out too fast). This works by reversing the electrochemical process, causing the chlorine to recombine with a metal ion and thus to swell to a size too large for pass through the filter. This method also helps reduce the risk of bacteria and fungi from forming in the shower.

A chlorine shower filter will help reduce and eventually eradicate these symptoms completely. Dry skin, frizzy, brittle hair and red eyes will soon become a distant memory. In its place will become your skin soft and moisturized and your hair will be softer, shiny and healthy too.

Learn more about chlorine shower filters today. Discover the reasons why you should upgrade your shower head filters today.

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