Coral Aquarium Fish

By · Friday, August 14th, 2009

Coral Aquarium Fish

Saltwater tanks are sought by many aquarium enthusiasts, but are more tedious to maintain what they have not been performed. Maintaining a saltwater aquarium requires patience, and corals that live in sea water tank requires patience and knowledge. Patience, say, because the way healthier and more resistant to own property of a home aquarium you is to grow coral reefs.

While it takes more time growing your own coral makes it much easier to maintain the health of their coral. Should be educated about the requirements for growing coral, and follow very specific procedures, but it can be patient for approximately 12 weeks, you can grow your own coral for home saltwater aquarium.

The basic configuration of a saltwater aquarium is the same as a freshwater tank. You buy a tank and filter, then select the best location for your aquarium. Once the tank is ready for water, there are several steps to follow:

1. Fill bottom of the tank with sand.

2. Now is the time to add water. Tank water should be de-chlorinated.

3. Then add the salt, making sure mixing which accurately measures the gravity of 1.205.

4. Arrange the rocks, live plants you would like to include in the tank.

5. Finally install the water heater and put the cap on the top of the aquarium.

6. And now you expect. About 4 weeks to be exact, before continuing.

Patience. Remember? Fours week will pass quickly, and at no time in saltwater aquarium come to life before your eyes. The reason we do not add nothing in his tank for a month is to allow sufficient time for levels of salt to balance. At this stage you have to install a protein skimmer, and then you can follow forward and add a few snails in the tank, or perhaps even a crab or two. Over the next couple of weeks, you want to make sure that the filters perform correctly. Also use this time to adjust lighting. It is recommended that you do not keep the light on for more than 12 hours per day, as too much light can cause algae problem.

When you reach the mark of six weeks, you can finally start adding some coral. There are a variety of aquarium water coral salt, and the most popular are: Porthole Coral Mushroom, Button coral polyp, Hairy Mushroom Coral Mushroom Coral and yellow. When you place the coral in your tank, is fixed to the rock that is placed on the bottom when it was established initially to your aquarium. And now look again, just two weeks.

After eight weeks, you can add more coral, this time grown as leather corals, Coral pumping Xenia, Spaghetti Finger and polyps Starburst coral. This coral should be placed in the rock as before.

After two to four weeks, you can begin adding some saltwater fish aquarium home. In the realm of things, 12 weeks really is not that long, and the end result will be more than worth the wait. Due to a salt water environment is so fragile, it is vital you give this aquatic realm all the time you need to achieve balance and begin to live in harmony. The healthy saltwater aquarium that is a marvelous achievement results after just 12 weeks short of patience and care.

For tips on goldfish care and freshwater aquarium fish information, visit the Aquarium Fish Care website.

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