Fish Tank Pond

By · Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Fish Tank Pond

Selection as a pet koi need a bit of commitment. There are plenty of things that must be considered before giving himself to it. That maintenance needs as this type of fish is very delicate. You have to learn many things about them so you'll have a healthy koi fish and eye catching. Apart from that can care for them properly.

These are some of the things you need to prepare for the care of your fish. You must maintain the cleanliness of the pond. They also want a clean environment. Since fish are prone to disease, maintaining its place and the water should be on a regular basis.

Next, consider water temperature. The sudden change of water temperature can be harmful to koi. Then, a koi is not good, because they want to be in groups. This will create a happy society. Never take away from their natural habitat.

Food is also very important. When the summer months should be fed frequently, about eight times day. During the cold season, which only requires a small amount of food in take or none at all. Koi fish like to eat shrimp or earthworms.

Over feeding is a big no as well. This will contaminate the water because of the food of unused food that are actions in the pond. This could make the diseased fish, mainly because they are very delicate. It will give more work to do since you need to clean through a vacuum. Apart from that, never damage its lining. This serves as protection against bacteria.

If you follow all these tips, definitely you have koi fish disease free. You can enjoy of it without major problems.

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