Fish Tank Protein

By · Monday, July 20th, 2009

Fish Tank Protein
New fish tank Questions …. please help!?

We just added our new fish tank – bought a Glow Starfire Red Danio, Mollie balloon, a Sailfin Mollie, and a Guppy. It seems that persecutes Danio Guppy around, and the Sailfin Mollie chasing the balloon around! The Danio is not nipped in the Guppy but not cut Sailfin Mollie globe. The Sailfin also hangs at the bottom of the tank a lot, "he" is very active, but rarely goes to the top, expected to drop food and then eats it. Sounds as if aggressive fish .. or is this normal behavior? Furthermore, it should be feeding the Sailfin some kind of pill that will sink so they can eat freely? Currently we are feeding all fish Omega 1 natural protein formula Super Color Flakes. And finally, let's wait a couple of weeks before getting more fish, but I'm not sure what kind of fish to get .. we really colorful / fish different … any suggestions? By the way, we have a 20 gallon tank.

The fish you bought, like being in groups, not kept separately. That is why the problems you have with them along. You need to have a minimum of 3 females and 1 male Guppy, 4-6 danios, and I had bought a pair of each type of Molly. When you buy more fish, certainly fill their schools danios and guppies, but the fish are much happier. I have found from personal experience that small fish are labeled as "fish community, but are a bit more aggressive than you think. I have black and creamcicle Mollies Mollies lyretail and are constantly chasing each others. All fish have different personalities, and just because a type of fish is generally peaceful not guarantee that the fish will be peaceful. For Part its central "fish, you can keep dwarf gouramis in a community tank, with little or no problems. There are 3 basic color variations in dwarf gourami, my favorite is the pale blue are gorgeous! I also have a RAM of Bolivia in my community tank. It's one of my favorite fish, and has lots of personality. However, not all males well in community tanks, some may be aggressive. German Blue Rams very well in community tanks of fish however, can be difficult to stay healthy. My advice is go to an aquarium shop and talk to trusted employees, often going to be able to steer you in the right direction. If only petstore chain (Petsmart, Petco, etc.) I would go to the store, look around and write the names of the fish that attract attention, then go home and investigate the fish through Google. Read four or five pages of different sources to get a general idea and rounded to the characteristics of the fish. Sorry, this was so long! Good luck.

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