Jebo Aquarium Tank

By · Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Jebo Aquarium Tank
What is a powerhead filter?

I'm thinking of getting a AP1200F Jebo Aquarium Interior filter but do not understand how it works. Do I to buy a separate head of power, or I just put in the tank and plug? Does anyone know how different types of filter work how I want something cheap and effective and want to buy everything in one go and inatall as soon as possible.

I'm not familiar with this particular model, but you do not need a separate power head with internal filters. Just plug it in and away you go. The best type of filters (and by far the most expensive) are external power filters that sit outside the tank. That filter the water chemistry, mechanics and biologically well, in general, using 3 different types of media. At day's end, you get what you pay, and while not over your tank, an internal filter should be sufficient. Just remember to clean the sponge in the water tank that was removed to maintain the biological aspect thereof. It may also have a magazine or other means to insert other types of media such as carbon pads too.

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