Operated Air Pump

By · Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Operated Air Pump
AC / heat pump – What kind of noise when the compressor to do mode of heat?

I have a new heat pump / AC that was installed in the last 2 months. It seems to be working well, but I wonder whether it is acting properly in the heat mode. I was standing by the AC compressor (the outdoor unit) and heard a motor running but the fan was not working. After a period of time (1 minute?) Began to turn the fan to evacuate air compressor chassis. This is while operating in heating mode (since it is a bone chilling below 60 degress here in Central Florida!:) Is the normal behavior of the compressor unit? That the engine would be the compressor while the fan is not spinning? Do not act that way in CA mode. Thank you!

It was probably the defrost mode for a couple of minutes, which is normal. On cooler days, especially when the humidity in the air outside the coils of the ice and the system detects it and the cycle is reversed to melt ice from the pipe. It is also normal for water to drip off the unit off when it does that HTE. fan out does not run when it is that for ice to melt faster.

Romaurie Effect; combination vac pump+air pump

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