Pump Aquarium Powerhead

By · Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Pump Aquarium Powerhead
Head $ 350?! Someone has to do something like this … cheaper?

This looks very cool head, but look at the price! That can not be right !……….. Can it? Http: / / www.marinedepot.com/aquarium_powerheads_pumps_icecap_ecotech_marine_vortech_propeller.asp?CartId =

ahhhh one fish geeks dream …. lol. if thats good, check out some prices actually TUNZE murderer. a cheaper option for the flow of water is a maxi-jet mod. jetmod.com maji-i believe. look reefcentral.com and have a few discussions about them. yeah my father-in-law still has an undergravel one of their tanks, and loves sponge filters. my kids are using little tetra tank one (5 neons in a 10g)

Sump – Refugium – 29 Gallon Biocube

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