Siphon Vacuum Cleaner

By · Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Siphon Vacuum Cleaner
Why are my Oranda goldfish lying on the bottom of my tank?

I have a 45 gallon tank with 4 goldfish … Two of my oranda are sitting at the bottom of the tank. Although come to the surface and eating food. My ammonia level at 0 and my PH is 6.6. I just changed 25% of water 2 days ago. I have a double filter in the tank … I just cleaned that too … What should I do? Clean water again with the siphon and vacuum the gravel? They have ick and are not swollen. Thank you!

Have you checked the water temprature? Goldies can suffer if your home is too hot. Take it calm in the cleaning tank can be kept very clean and stress the fish / kill bacteria. However, I am a fan of frequent water changes large. Note also the contamination or poisoning. Could have gotten something in the water? Do you have product on hand? Something as simple as spraying Febreeze near the tank can be a disaster. I'd say keep up with regular water changes and see if they perk up.

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