Therm Stealth Submersible

By · Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Why my stealth heating visitherm new job?

I have a 200 watt: for my 50 gallon tank turtle. I began to 78F. the water was 70F. that has been around for 26 hours, and the tank is only 72F. the temperature does not rise past that! what is wrong with this heater, people say its so darn reliable, but it does not. and I am entitled by the filter intake pipe for circulation. Why not work as well as it says it does? Thanks Nate! btw I have a digital thermometer with a probe.

In my experience, two 100 watt heaters in a large aquarium works much better than a 200 watt heater does. There is a lot of temperature variation in a large aquarium, so you need smaller heaters to reach out at the proper temperature. Otherwise the water next to the stove is hot, or water on the surface is hot, but mostly not. Unless your house is cold, below 70 degrees, you really do not need a heater though. Red-eared sliders do well in 70 to 72 degrees once they move from "baby" stage. I just keep Very young babies or sick turtles at 78 degrees.

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