building a koi pond

By · Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

building a koi pond
Building a Koi Pond?

I'm looking for plans to build a pond, maximum width of 7 feet long, 10 feet 6 feet deep with 3 feet on the ground. To be built in concrete blocks. what size pumps do I need the number of filter beds do need what is the a pipe, which is the correct duct laying. I want to incorporate two bottom drains. What is the best form of waterproofing, I do not use a liner. I like the idea of the filter beds is undrground, accessed through the joints of ducks what is the calculation to solve the volume. How much cost so pond I am a total beginner, I would appreciate any help and understanding.

try …. beautiful people there and a lot of information!

Episode65 pt2, Building a Koi Pond, LA Fishguys

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