diy koi pond

By · Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

diy koi pond

If you are looking for information on how to build a koi pond, remember the most important rule – pre-plan. Building a koi pond is not for the faint of heart. Many people will be gardening professionals. Let the professionals can cost a small fortune, but will not give satisfaction you get to do it yourself. In addition, a lot of landscaping companies have experience in the design of water tanks regularly. Koi ponds are different, with different requirements. Therefore, if you decide to be a landscaping company to do so, make sure they have experience in the design of koi ponds. And if you do it yourself, make sure you've done your research!

If you are looking at the koi ponds, you'll see that they are not exactly alike, not built the same techniques. Each pond koi has its own set of variables, depending on the size and location available, budget, and time. The skill and experience builder (maybe!) is also important.

See other people's ponds first. Talk to other koi enthusiasts. And, decide your budget. Decide the maximum will happen, and the plan for less than that. It always ends up costing more than initially thought! Make your pond possibly larger and deeper than I can. Most koi biggest regret fans have been not to make his first koi pond larger and deeper. Koi can grow to approx. 3 feet and like the company. In addition, once you have a few, usually want more! Overcrowding can damage the pond water quality and stress on the koi, which in turn damage your health. So plan your pond may be the largest and perhaps deeper you.

If possible, it is good to have the pond next to his house. So you can visit and monitor frequently and can even see from inside the house on rainy days. Do not build near a tree, where the remains (leaves, etc) can fall into the pond, unless I love you cleaning ponds! Koi ponds should not be under direct sunlight, either.

Before starting to build, decide whether you want a pond Formal (if formal planter, pool, etc) or a natural environment blends in better with your existing environment. You may want to use a garden hose and let to its desired form. Leave it there for a few days. Look at the sun and shadow patterns. You may want to re-evaluate!

Ideally the pond should be six feet deep. If this is not possible, then it must be at least 3 'deep. Koi, like swimming in deep water. Also, do not know if the pond is shallow, your koi will be easy prey for raccoons and herons.

The pool can be any shape to your liking or your space permits. Just make sure that no water movement everywhere. Moving water provides oxygen, and also because standing water, there's debris. I know that the rocks are nice to the attractiveness aesthetic, but please do not put sharp rocks near the pond, where fish can injure themselves. If you do, you will soon realize lacerations to his koi. Remember, you are building the pond for your koi!

Once the pond is complete, you will enjoy it for many years.

Sara G. likes to write about her interests. Koi fish are one of the loves of her life! Her Squidoo lens offers lots of must-have koi facts! Finally, build the koi pond of your dreams! Benefit from other people’s research and time!

Cebu City DIY koi pond and its resident kois.

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