Food Pellets

By · Friday, July 17th, 2009

Food Pellets

Cat teeth should remain white and clear throughout his life. Your gums should be pink and plump. However, it is common for cats with tartar on the teeth, to have missing teeth or tooth extraction need occasionally. This is uncomfortable for the cat and affordable for you.

How can you ensure your cat's teeth remain in good condition all his life? There is a simple answer to this. You can not. Not quite. Occasionally a cat breaks a canine tooth. This does not matter, as domestic cats have no need for the canines, which help maintain control dam. But you can do something very simple to keep your teeth from others, as well as gums.

And that's for sure your diet includes meat bones. Such as chicken necks or wings. A neck all or half of a wing of a chicken-sized average, once a day, give all your cats needs. While spending time crunching the bones. Cracking bones cat keeps teeth clean and free of tartar, massages gums and keep your mind happy.

Do not be afraid of eating bony spurs. Cats evolved on a diet of small rodents and can cope well with raw bones. Is it cooked chicken bones, which are the dangers. Always feed your cat raw bones.

And keep the size in proportion what a cat, of course, hunting. Chicken thigh bones are too large and may chip teeth. Many people think that dry cat food pellets processed do the same work. After all, the package tells you so. I can assure you not even come close to doing the work. For many reasons.

It is not always easy convince an adult cat a raw chicken wing is delicious. Imagine trying to change children's diet of fast food to fresh fruit. Do you think the change will be easier? It will be no problem? The same goes for your cat.

Written by Madeleine Innocent.
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