goldfish ponds

By · Sunday, December 27th, 2009

goldfish ponds
Fantail goldfish are good for ponds?

I have to get rid of my goldfish. 2 5 comets and fantails. I'm going to put an add on craigslist to see if anyone with a pool of 100 gallons or larger would like to take my seven goldfish. I know with certainty that comets are good pond fish, but my fantails be fine in a pond? or will live better in an aquarium?

Cannot Fantasy fantail goldfish swimming to safety. In a pond environment that allways lose the race for food, and may be intimidated by the bigger fish faster. They are also resistant and does not tolerate cold weather well. Comets are best in a pond, the types of fantasy are best in a tank. Ian

My Goldfish Pond

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