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By · Thursday, March 5th, 2009

koi pond designs

Believe it or ponds should not be a small amount of algae in the pond in the backyard, because it is natural and is separate from the pond ecosystem. The trick is finding the balance that Mother Nature intended and algae from the pond is kept under control naturally.

What is the pond of algae?
There are three main types of algae in the pond, but the most commonly found in the backyard pools of filamentous algae is also known as "pond scum." Grows along the edges and bottom of the pond and slowly rises to the surface. It is the result of one of three things: excess nutrients, direct sunlight, and low levels oxygen.

Why a pond UV light or chemicals should not be used,

Some say that would require a pool of ultraviolet light sterilized or chemicals to control algae in a backyard pond. While a pond UV sterilizers can destroy these particles in suspension algae also kill beneficial bacteria.

Now let's talk about chemicals in the pond.

Chemicals such as algaecides pond can also help control algae, but after falling to the bottom dies and disintegrates. This releases all the nutrients stored once possessed in life and put back into the pond ecosystem. This in turn feeds the next algae bloom is on its way and becomes a great cycle that repeats over and over time. Not only does not solve the problem, but now you have to keep buying these chemicals and over again and spend their time working on his backyard pond rather enjoying it.

Mechanical removal

You can physically remove the algae from the same pond. There are a variety of ways to do this by including a vacuum pond, brush, drain the pond and power washing, or even just out with a garden rake can help.

The problem with the disposal in an mechanics is its failure to address the question of why the algae flourished in the first place and will most likely come back again.

Mother Nature / elimination biological
By letting Mother Nature do the work and the balance of the ecosystem ponds you'll have more time to relax in your pond, save money and have healthy fish and plants.

What is needed to create a balanced ecosystem in the backyard pond?

1.) Adequate circulation system 2.) Mechanical and Biological filtration 3.) Aquatic Plants 4.) Fish 5.) Rocks and gravel

1.) Circulation System

During phase pond design is crucial for proper circulation system installed. Patio ponds and waterfalls are built using the process water recirculation in a large circle. A proper design will provide a good level of oxygen throughout the pond. A bad design will have low oxygen levels and give algae a place to live.

2.) Mechanical and biological filtration

This may be in the form of a skimmer and biological filter waterfall. Filters help to remove debris such as leaves and biological filtration refers to the surface where beneficial bacteria can grow and help keep your pond clean.

3.) Aquatic Plants

Simply put all the plants in the pond eat the same nutrients in the water. The plants in a pond algae more starved. So plants not only make your pond look more natural, but also keep algae at bay. Aquatic plants, such as water lilies provide shade from sunlight. What if you remember is a cause of the algae as well. A good rule of thumb would be 60% -70% coverage of the surface water with plants.

4.) Fish

Fish also feed on algae, if sufficiently large and are not overfed. The size General Koi algae-eating fish in a length of ten inches.

5.) Rocks and gravel

The rocks and gravel in a pond to create a home for beneficial bacteria. Although it is necessary to be careful not to put a thick layer inside the pond bottom. This could lead to toxic gases which can kill fish.

Natural aid to help clear algae

The best we can do is add regular beneficial bacteria to the pond in the backyard. The addition help maintain a constant supply of bacteria in the rocks and gravel to help break down the waste and debris in the pond.

Do not over feed the fish in your water garden. Fish should be fed only what they can eat in a few minutes and the food should not float in the skimmer. Residues added boost fish put excess nutrients into the pond and feed algae to survive and grow.

Regular cleaning is also a great way to keep your pond fish in good condition. There is a proper way to do and a wrong way to kill bacteria when you clean and you'll have to start all over building bacteria profitable again.

If you follow these general guidelines and avoid the pond UV light and chemical sterilizers and will succeed in creating a beautifully balanced ecosystem pond and spend more time enjoying it.

Effective algae control begins with knowing the type of algae that has (mostly chain or filamentous) and three reasons why the pond algae to grow. Once you have armed with appropriate information can then treat the cause and create a balanced ecosystem, which does all the work.

Then, as time goes by mother nature pond algae control algae and flowers become serious less of a problem.

The author Davin Eberhardt is a pond professional that helps people create beautiful, tranquil, relaxing spaces using water features. Visit http://www.heavenlyponds.com for more tips on ponds and waterfalls. Davin also builds water feature’s if you are in the service area.

Davin’s website http://www.heavenlyponds.com stocks specially made products for water gardens such as beneficial bacteria and premium fish food at low costs to help you save money and spend more time enjoying your pond.

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