koi pond liners

By · Saturday, June 20th, 2009

koi pond liners
What would be easier / cheaper for a koi pond?

Concrete, then painted with black paint pool? Or wood-lined? This is for an above ground koi pond.

On the floor is better for many different reasons (temperature stability which is important), but if you have * * to stay on the ground, build a wooden structure and / or concrete block in accordance with an EPDM (not cheap plastic) line. Whenever you use the subfloor and care is taken to install, etc, the coating should last many, many years and will not crack, leak, chemicals leaching, etc. And although online is costly in the long run will be cheaper than marine grade concrete – which is what you'd use to ensure health of your fish and long-term stability of the structure of your pond. Hope this helps.

Koi Pond Polyurea Liner – Polyshield Hi-E

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