koi pond products

By · Saturday, January 17th, 2009

koi pond products
What do I need to make a pond?

What is all I need to make a pond by myself? For example, some products are the coating and filters. What is all I need? The pond is designed primarily for Koi and turtles. I need answers fast! THANK YOU! Http: / / www.creativepumps.com.au / zpumps / oase / Aquamax / aquamax_eco.htm If I get that I need a filter? I really know nothing about ponds and the look of this product, it looks like both a filter and a pump at the same time.

"A Somewhat agujero. impervious to water to fill the holes with a ready made or pond bottom (this is what I recommend) .- Some deeper parts, and parts profundas.-A little pond filter (although this is not essential) .- Some rocks and plants to fish and turtles to hide / play in. some way so that the turtles leave the water as degree slope to a flat rock or a "beach" .- A position is not too sunny. would talk to one, large pet store or landscaping good Shop – to be able to advise.

A Northeast Koi Pond Re-Do

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