landscaping koi ponds

By · Friday, December 25th, 2009

landscaping koi ponds
Help! How to avoid coming into contact with snakes in my back garden?

I live near the hills in the valley. neighbors "My dogs has already died of snake bites (which I suspect his Cobra) and told me she saw the snake slid to the direction of our property! I have much fear for the safety of my dogs because my house we have built on the side walls around the property, but in the back garden because of the uneven land, land the neighbor is higher and his property is satisfied with tall grass and everything. So I am afraid that the snake (s) may enter through the back cos even with the wall, our property is lower. Our garden is mainly tiled and we did Japanese-style garden with a Koi pond and have some herbs planted in the later. There is grass and all that. Will the sulfur powder? Please, any suggestions and ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! Have a nice day!

Snakes do not like tiles and low shrubs. They like to hide. But you can get dogs that kill snakes and can even sometimes licensed pet mongoose and specialize in killing cobras.

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