preformed ponds

By · Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

preformed ponds
I can spend the winter "this pond?

I know it's early, but I'm just planning ahead. I have a 90 gallon preformed pond I bought at Walmart, this is my second year with him, but last year we moved, so I had to remove it before winter, one was not a problem. But This year, I really would like to leave aside all winter, I live in Ohio, and is going to get a tank heater supply stock from tractor or somewhere, I have a goldfish a few frogs, I thought I could install the heater, and pull out my pump, I know how my plants during the winter a everything was just worried about my fish, the pond is about 18 inches deep, is completely buried in the ground, and place objects near the isolation, which will have a bit of protection, let me know if anyone has tried this one had a bit of luck or have any advice, I really do not want to create an aquarium at home this year, but if I have to I will, thanks

the Standard for overwintering depth is 3 meters, but if you put a little heat with heater and keep the pump running, you should be fine. The fish are going to the bottom where the water is warmer than the land. The pump has to run to circulate and aerate the water to fish. Be sure not to let the pond completely of ice on top, and keep it as clean as possible, because the gas accumulates under the ice if there is leaf litter, etc. Good luck and happy flooding.

Pre-Formed Ponds

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