Air Curtain

By · Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Air Curtain

Tired of the look tired, old home? The design of your new home? Either way, window treatments are largely horizon.

Window treatments have changed and evolved over time. Rich curtains of the Victorian era to the minimalist look that offers simple blinds, the choices are so diverse enough to be confusing. Thus the first step is to have some idea about what kind of window treatment you want in the room.

If you have decided to continue with curtains of the window, then it is necessary to keep some things in your mind. The right curtains can add to the atmosphere of the room. One can breathe an air of beauty, tranquility or excitement to the room. However, if you make the wrong choice can ruin the whole feeling Room. So, getting yourself right curtains need a little planning.

Lace? Pure? Velvet? Silk? Printed? Plain? You got it. Too many options. If you are a beginner who wants an impressive interior without having to go through the nose for services of interior designers, the best way is to take a few copies of a journal house style. Visit show homes and attending exhibitions. You take some excellent color schemes and new ideas in this way.

Specific Room:
Window shades must have specific space. So, use curtains in the lounge will differ from those in the boys' dormitory, which will certainly be different from those you will use in the kitchen. Window curtains must reflect the atmosphere of the room. For example, the dining can be a dramatic look, while the children's room can use a look vibrant and colorful.

The color of the curtains should blend well with the color of the adjacent walls. Do not use a very dark color next to a light-colored wall and that may create a serious effect. Try to reduce the impact of a dark curtain of the window using a slight cut or alternating with a sheer curtain, light colored. Small large windows can be done without overwhelming impressions. Instead of moving car or small impressions impressions.

In any room, the material on the windows must be consistent with the material of the upholstered furniture. Sheer materials are in vogue these days and they are a good choice, since they give a look at the room well lit. However, sheer curtains allow a great amount of sunlight and offer little privacy. So you have to combine with the curtains. While the selection of curtains windows that are always exposed to sunlight, choose a material and color that does not fade with time. South facing rooms are especially prone to this problem.

The above tips can help you select the right window shades. If it is difficult to imagine his treatment of the window, trying to sketch out on paper. This will help determine if treatment is too heavy or just right. Again, a magazine and some pictures from the Internet could be useful.

The purchase of the curtain is only half the job. Make sure you get it to sew properly. Only this can Give your room the beautiful look you want.

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