Algae Fix

By · Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Algae Fix

Contrary to common belief, biological filters do not process or filter the solid waste of fish in the Koi pond. They continue to build and decompose, creating a breeding ground for harmful species of heterotrophic bacteria that are pathogenic to koi fish. As indicated, the biological filtration process used Nitrosomonas bacteria to break down ammonia to nitrite and Nitrobacter, further converting nitrites into nitrates, which is less harmful to koi fish.

Plants that now use nitrate and phosphate fertilizers, if they have not provided an adequate share of the water plants to koi fish, "hard" algae (growing on rocks and koi pond walls) and "free floating" the use of nitrates and phosphates the algae to reproduce. The key to preventing this disease, called "algae bloom" is to provide sufficient nonsoil plants like lettuce and water hyacinths to compete for the nitrate and phosphate. Since these two plants are tropical, and can only survive in warm climates, more resistant varieties such as Elodea and Anacharis will perform well in cold climates. These plants are commonly used in the bio-filter ponds.

A biography of a pond filter is used in conjunction with shallow koi ponds with small populations koi fish. Also eliminate the need for a bio-mechanical filter and a second pump to operate it. The bio-filter pond is located higher than the main pond for two reasons. Prevents koi fish eat the plants and allows water to cascade that is filtered as it passes through the plants before involving the Koi Pond lower.

An appropriate proportion of the vegetation cover of the koi pond's surface is approximately 20 to 30 percent. This is a basic rule and many factors can change this equation. For example: the population of koi fish, water temperature, and accumulation of leaf debris or over-feeding koi fish. I have said many times is the koi pond koi room, dining room and bathroom.

Please invest in the health of your fish. Buy a test kit Koi pond in any pet store or pond. Invest the time to read the instructions and start regular testing your koi pond. Remember, clear water does not mean clean! As in the water we drink, just because the water looks clear, smells good and tastes good, does not mean it is clean.

Most of the more toxic carcinogenic priority pollutants listed by the EPA is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Do not forget the simple facts: You have a bath in a separate room of your house. Living room of his scaly friend is his toilet, and have to swim in it. Keep lit and clean.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure pond. DH

If you do not have a biofilter, which could explain why your koi pond is a bit green, smelly, or cloudy, and why his family is gulping air at the surface with fins. Trust me. That will not be for long. Fish gulping air to survive would be like you – in an attempt to avoid breathing polluted air – by swallowing water to survive.

I have a do-it-yourself simple instruction sheet with diagrams, for building your own bio-filter using $25-$35 worth of parts from any home improvement store. Also includes a shopping list of necessary items. download free (no sign-in) no obligation… log on below at the watergardenauthority’s website…

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Douglas C. Hoover; CEO of Aquamedia Corp, master Waterfall Builder, freelance writer and author designer, architect, inventor, engineer, writer, author and builder of over 1,900 waterfall and ponds in California or the past 26 years. Inventor and manufacturer of the “AquaFill” T.M., electronic float control system for ponds, pools, fountains and hot tubs.

Algae Algaefix

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