Algae Scraper

By · Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Algae Scraper
How do I get rid of hard to scrape green algae?

I have a glass aquarium 29 gallons … I know how to prevent algae so please dont answer that … I also have a Chinese Algae eat algae, but they said they only eat "brown algae" I have a algae scraper Mart wall but it is only particals loose again … I know it should increasingly use to clean it but the fact is that even now there has not attached algae on the glass. I dont mind at the back (actually, its not very pleasant in the back), but his face has some points of thick algae and need to go. Does anyone have something that makes things difficult. I was thinking as steel wool or somthing but do not want anything … I'm sure someone else has gone though this … I am also for water treatments that actually work really I find a good answer here or will I go to my local fish shop … ideas please!

That kind of hard green spot algae is natural in the tank. It is there because you did something wrong or not clean enough. It is very common in tanks with bright lights. Since you have a glass tank you can remove with a razor blade. I have in my tank and just scrape it with acrylic nail each time the gravel trap. I do not know about steel wool, never tried. It would be too concerned about scratching the tank to take the risk. Good luck!

Pet Fish Care : How to Clean Algae on a Fish Aquarium

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