Aqua Clear

By · Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Aqua Clear
I need to know about a 2QT. Improved aqua clear jar with lid with a Mason, Pat. May 10, 1870?

I have several jars of preserves that gave me great grandmother, most of them are a clear aqua zip, which were concerned Lg. 2 qt. Mason jar that says improved in both the bottle and cap glass lid also contains a cross on it. The second jar is transparent, with a zipper, said double-side security with the wing on both sides of the top in the bottom that says Smally, KIVLAN and ONTHANK BOSTON, MASS. I have no idea if any of these are worth anything, and the use of any information that may achieve.

two fruit jars are fairly common. As a general rule, water or transparent bottles are worth 10 to $ 20, although there are exceptions. The bottles colored glass are valuable as amber, green, yellow, ect. Go to a bookstore and look at the bottle price Kovels addition 12 or you can see there website.

Aquarium aquaclear

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