Aqua Plant

By · Friday, March 20th, 2009

Aqua Plant

A birthstone is a precious metal allocated to a particular month so there are a total of twelve stones of birth. Each of the precious metals or gemstones are associated with the characteristics or qualities that describe the month. Others refer to as stones birthstone birthday or anniversary stones. Over time, the list of stones have been changed and updated according to the times. However, in 1912, the national association of jewelers in the U.S., Jewelers of America, has tried to unify the list which is still used today not only in the U.S. but in other countries like Australia and Asia.

Garnet for January

Garnet red, but can also be seen in various colors of the color spectrum. Granatus The name originated from the Latin term literally meaning grain and is possibly used as a reference to the pomegranate plant that come with red seeds that resemble the shape, size and color of the garnet crystals.

Amethyst for February

Amethyst usually come in purple or violet color and is commonly used as a decoration. The name came from the Greek term Methuskein A and referred to the belief that this gemstone prevents the user arrives intoxicated or drunk.

Aquamarine for March

This gemstone usually comes in a turquoise or blue. The name came from the Latin Aqua Marine translates into "water of the Sea"

Diamond for April

The name diamond derives from the Greek word Adamas invincible. This gemstone is the hardest precious metal known to man that only another diamond can scratch.

Emerald for May

Esmeralda comes in green or blue-green color and is a highly valued gemstone. The name may derive from the Greek word Smaragd smaralda Latin word.

Pearl for June

This is the only gemstone minerals on the list. Pearls are hard, round objects produced by mollusks. The largest pearl was found in the Philippines in 1934, which was originally labeled as the Pearl of Allah, but is now officially known as the Pearl of Lao-Tzu.

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