Aqua Submersible

By · Friday, August 28th, 2009

Aqua Submersible
I'll race bettas .. and I need some advice on supplies!?

Let me start by saying that I've done the research, since January, still 'update my books, and I want my bettas to be happy. Ok, so I have a 5 gallon aquarium (I have no space for a bigger one) and is a tall aquarium (Aqua-Tech Hex5). And a heater. Here's the thing. The heater is not waterproof. Is it true that the aquarium has to be half-full? If so, could have to return the heater. Besides, what happens if you breed bettas in 1 gallon tank? (not that Imma do that, just curious)

5 gallon is on the smaller site, but it is possible, yes it is true that is only half full, why? because man has to collect the fry they fall off the bubblenest longer the way most likely become frustrated and begin to eat you definitely need a submersible heater, but if you find one that is that small is another q here is an article for you to find out if Edit * Sorry q lost your other if generated in a 1 gallon container, I advice for a rookie at any time, only the real farmers are able to do what is much more care is involved

Festo Aqua Ray Submersible Robot

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