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By · Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Aquarium Bio
What should I sell my tank for?

I have a 90 gal. acrylic aquarium. This will include rocks, filter, bubble bar, a 3 cm. aquarium decorations, heater, lights and hood, a vacuum tank and tank scraper. It also comes with the stand (homemade black tongue and groove), and 3 large fish: 2 chillidad and 1 pig in China. The filter is an Emperor Bio-wheel and the lights cost us about $ 20 +. All leftover food for fish and acrylic glass cleaner can go. The tank has a couple scratches but is difficult to know if you keep it clean. How much should I charge for everything? Thanks for your help!

depends on the will. i owuld go to 140-150

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