Aquarium Fish

By · Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Aquarium Fish

Keeping fish as pets has been a relatively recent (or mania). It was not until the 1900s is that people around the world began to take the fish as pets. One of the most popular aquarium is the aquarium of tropical fish, due to the variety and beauty of the fish available.

In the early days, the aquaria were a copy of the marine environment. Due to the lack of information about marine habitats, aquariums are very difficult to maintain. Different species have different needs such as food type, water temperature, etc. Therefore, in principle, maintaining a healthy fish aquarium was extremely difficult.

As time passed and knowledge about fish and their environments accumulated, the task of maintaining an aquarium of fish was easier and easier. Today fish aquariums can be easily maintained as long as some basic details are known and applied common sense.

  1. A day tank fish is usually rectangular in shape, made entirely of glass or a metal frame and glass sides and a glass bottom, slate, or other rigid material
  2. Most tanks containing growing plants down in the sand or gravel layer about 2 inches thick. These plants provide decoration, and some can provide food and oxygen to the tank.
  3. The average home aquarium held between 5 and 25 gallons, with an average size of 24x12x12 cm. The more larger the tank, fish and plants that can hold.
  4. The larger tanks are better suited for offices or commercial environments. These carry out a greater variety of plants and fish but also require professional installation and maintenance.
  5. Tropical fish are best suited the smaller tanks because they are smaller, and can withstand a relative deficiency of oxygen in the water.
  6. Fish, like any other living animal is breathing oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. If oxygen in water is not replaced, the fish suffocate. This is one of the reasons why plants are so important. Extra bright enough to manufacture sugars from carbon dioxide taken from their environment, either air or water, and they release oxygen. In doing so, keep the environment inside the tank clean and healthy

From these and many other facts, did the concept of balanced aquarium design, where the waste products of fish are absorbed by plants and oxygen necessary for fish is also provided by the action of plants with light. As in nature itself.

Construction and maintenance of an aquarium can be a wonderful hobby. It takes a little research and planning, so make sure to seek expert help. Most fish stores will be more reputable than happy to help configure and maintain your fish tank.

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Orange & black clown fish in my saltwater aquarium

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