Aquarium Hydroponic

By · Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Aquarium Hydroponic

A great secret of successful indoor gardening in a glass terrarium begins before the first plant is still purchased. Yes, the selection of plants is important, but the choice of a suitable container and following the correct process steps four layers helps the flower garden.

First determine if you want a mini-garden full of moisture-loving plants or those that prefer drier conditions. If you go the way of moisture, you will want to select a container with a lid which captures the moisture and the creation of the moisture it needs. Beautiful, decorative glass terrarium and is added to any home decor while still providing openings for ventilation, as needed. Otherwise, a ship of the open top, like an aquarium, a vase or bottle will also work.

The plants in any glass terrarium is best when using a process of planting in layers – starting with a layer of gravel or pebbles in the bottom to the drainage.

Use of activated charcoal as the next layer is especially important in a container with a lid or cover. Like when you use an aquarium filter fish, coal acts as a filter to keep air fresh inside the container plants.

Next, Add a thin layer of moss to prevent the floor of the screen and settle in the drainage layer of gravel and charcoal. Moss still allows water to drain, but keeps the soil in place.

Finally, add a good quality potting soil. Some people prefer to use a land of pot designed specifically for terrariums, while others are so successful with a regular potting mix. However, if you want to use to create a terrarium cactus desert theme, you might want to investigate a pre-mixed soil containing more sand. Regardless ever, add sand to the beach to any terrarium. Too much salt!

After getting his feet in place, think about adding the finishing touches, such as a small statue, bridge, or accent stones to personalize the terrarium and is based on the theme of the garden in miniature. Be creative in the choice of these elements as if they were accessories at home.

Indoor gardening with a glass terrarium can be as rewarding as outdoor gardening – as long as you correctly layer of the foundation. Look for containers that will show off these miniature gardens as essential to home decor.

Jill Hogan is a gardening enthusiast who loves to find unique garden gifts and share her gardening tips. For more about decorative glass terrariums or to find the perfect gardening gift, check out her garden and gift ideas at

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