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By · Friday, March 13th, 2009

Aquarium Live
Can my young leopard frog living in my tank if you have lilies?

Our Planet frog tadpole has become a leopard frog. The water stands for which put him in the aquarium with lily seating. But he seemed in deep water near the plants and it looked a bit indifferent so put it back in the Frog Planet. Can these frogs live in an aquarium if they have lily pads or need a short shallow coast?

They can live in the aquarium, but only if given the land stable. I would invest in a turtle dock. And insurance coverage, so it does not slip. I've been thinking of getting tadpoles for my turtle tank, but I think I could eat … (Arent leopard frogs are normally found in the soil (near a pond) but I definitely would try to establish a different container for him. A 20gal tank to be interesting if half is a sand bank and the other half is water. Try some things out. Probably going to love a large tank with a little sand and water.

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