Aquarium Phosphate

By · Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Aquarium Phosphate
Black Spots on Aquarium Plant?

Hi All I have 40g, freshwater tank, 2 yoyo loach, 10 Cardinal Tetra, 10 i rumny nose.Lately beginning to see the black sports in my freshwater plants., I'm not sure what exactly it is, is that bacteria, algae, black, green algae. ? Cause I Have Anubias and leaves are attacked by these black things. . I tried to scrub, but not help.I also have java moss, moss stars, Christmas moss, this stuff is taking over all this, the moss is now all black and dark brown. I added phosphate eliminate not help, I have biological and a cartridge filter. I do 30% water change every week. Furthermore, it is as strains, only spots on the glass, I see a kind of green dots, for starters, very, very small items such as pen tip, and then take over. Please help, is to make my tank look ugly and my feet are turning black ..

This sounds like a mix of diatoms and algae dark black beard. The latter is almost impossible to kill and can quickly smother slow-growing plants like Anubias. Keep using phosphate remover (hopefully that is a resin) and examine in situ treatment with hydrogen peroxide (about 5 ml per 10 liters per day, with a jet syringe directly into the affected areas), Flourish Excel or similar things. You may have to remove all plants and give them a quick bath bleach solution (1:20 bleach: water) if it is too extreme. Also, consider fast-growing plants like water sprite, which act to remove excess nutrients and starve algae. BBA on Anubias:

How to flush RowaPhos before implementing into your saltwater aquarium

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