Aquarium Pool

By · Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Aquarium Pool

Having an aquarium is a great hobby. I can literally see the fish for hours without getting tired of it. But one day something happened, which spoiled the fun in short time: cloudy fish tank water! At first it seemed to be just a blur, but soon the water began to become increasingly opaque. Of course I tried to stop it, simply by changing the colored water – no effect at all. After only a day or two until the water was cloudy again again and was getting worse every time!

The reason for my tank was cloudy bacterial flora. But why millions of bacteria are spread throughout the aquarium and turned into a freshwater pool blurry?

Fortunately, I soon realized the cause. In my desire to create a perfect aquarium, I broke an important rule: Never put too many fish in a fishbowl alone! The droppings of fish contains nutrients for bacteria.

Do not misunderstand me. It is completely natural to have bacteria in the fish tank and it is impossible to get rid of them completely, but if you offer much food is going to play until the water is a dull and unhealthy disaster. Normally, the filter would keep their number to a healthy level, but if the bacteria reproduce faster than you can remove the filter that has a problem.

After finally having discovered, I left some of my beloved fish and settled into a new tank. I also changed around a third of the aquarium water cloudy and shortly thereafter, the water is clean and healthy new.

Sure, there are many more reasons for water to become dirty, but one of the causes of a cloudy fish tank is an imbalance between the number (and size!) fish and water in the aquarium. Consult a professional or some books on proper maintenance of the fish – to their aquatic friends will thank you!

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Aquarium Pool

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