Aquarium Stone

By · Friday, May 1st, 2009

Aquarium Stone
Substrate tropical aquarium?

Im building my first tropical aquarium, the 'substrate' for the aquarium shop selling prices are extautionate, Im wondering if I can use an alternative (like sand for children – which contains nothing, as it should be safe for children) to provide the substrate chosen througly cleaned? If not why not, what is the difference between the stones and rocks aquarium normal from the garden center?

His incredible how different the answers can be to the same question. The last person that this question has a lot of answers. When it comes to sand you want sand that has no uniform size. So playing in the sand is not really a good idea because it will eventually compact to form a hard crust. This prohibits water from being able to run under the sand and make the biological filter useless. This is why Agronite or coral sand substrate is perferred. However, because of your tank should have high pH. On the smaller gravel is the best because it allows more bacteria to grow. However, you can use large gravel. It allows only one bed deeper gravel. I've seen tanks with 1 "rocks as substrate and healthy and attractive, where the tanks. PK good luck

Stone loach in fish tank / Bachschmerle im Aquarium [2/4]

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