Aquarium System

By · Friday, June 5th, 2009

Aquarium System
Has anyone used a homemade system of CO2 in the aquarium?

just brought the blueprints for a DIY CO2, store systems are very expensive. In this way im sure to save a few pounds and have healthy, strong, but the plants im not willing to risk my fish lives in the process. only I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of these systems and time to be used or avoided through

In short, are great for your tank, and not are at risk for fish. His plants are happy any use of CO2 in water. Not sure how to go about breaking the bubbles of CO2 in water. Large bubbles are ineffective because they break the surface and the CO2 that you lose a lot. Personally, I prefer using a water pump. That the movement of water will increase, which is good, but also break the bubbles of CO2 into the smaller bubbles that can be well absorbed. The only problem I found is to alter the pH levels. CO2 back at night, because plants do not use CO2 at night – actually produce it. With too much CO2, the pH level falls. However, it may be well on his tank, depending on your water pH, buffer and plants. Test the pH first thing in the morning before turning on the light, and regular testing of pH on the night and morning.

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