Azoo Aquarium

By · Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Azoo Aquarium
You can …..? these fish live

Hello everyone …. I'm starting a salt water tank, and I wonder if a few feeder guppies (to save them), 2 bumble bee gobies and a fiddler crab can live in brackish water tank with a specific gravity of 1.005. I have plans to start using this tank as FW because the things I want is that in FW …. when it gets put in here …. Salinity is the rase (very slowly, of course). My plan is to put in 2 peices of driftwood (for FC to get in \ out of water, some rocks, and some plants of different …. Java moss \ ferns, hair algae, and some others in filter \ clean water. Planing also mangroves have a (small). The specifications of the tanks is a 2 1 \ 2 G AGA aquarium, Azoo palm filter, Marineland 10W heater, a glass lid and a small light …. I think any guppy to feed my baby frogs if Ness. but probebly my SW update? Well … yes … thanks for the answers!

Ok 1.005 is not really salty ….. Fresh water is 1000 to 005 Brakish 1.006 -. 016 saltwater brine is then 1.017-1.32 much salt, but it would be nice if you have not has the guppies has since gobies die without enough salt and a violinist may tollerate saltier, but not 005 little salt is like a hospital tank … add salt to heal the wounds …. but but but if you have a small tank for guppies and 15 gallons for governments and other ferns that would be good to die, but not as fast as wwill Notcias in 2 to 3 weeks of hair algae or moss would be a good converter for gupps tank is a good size, but not enough for 2 gobies gobies tramp I realize of Territorial are much! I think most of salt you wish to 1.011 guppies tops thats not going to make him happy he will pant and fall fast!

Betta in Azoo aquarium

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