Baby Hatchery

By · Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Baby Hatchery
girl will not eat?

I just ordered 20 chicks from Cackle hatchery. They are here on Wednesday, I think they are less than a week old. One is very weak and not eating on his own. She's definitely picked up the dwarf and around the world so he moved into the house. She hangs on my lap and I have a lamp created by it to keep warm. She did not eat or drink anything for themselves. The only way to get that drink is whether dunk underwater peak. Yo, every half hour or so. She will not eat chicken holder, however. I tried the manual feed and mashing it up, but she will not eat. Does anyone have any idea how to lead you to eat?

You will probably lose this girl — some of them simply do not catch on. Sorry ……..

Undercover Video: Baby Chicks Ground-Up Alive At Hatchery

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