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By · Monday, August 24th, 2009

Best Hqi
TANK 24 GALLON NANO-150W .- With HQI/4LunarLights?

I have a tank of 60 gallons 1 years olf Fowler. Now I want to try a reef tank. I may have the24 gallon aquapodwith 150W HQI lamps and the moon – got it for $ 309. I have not started the cycle. For a healthy reef configuration What else do I need? Do you Can you recommend a quality protein skimmer that fits? I'm in Los Angeles, CA, Do I really need a refrigerator? I'm thinking to get 2 preculas truth try to raise them. I'll start the cycle in mid-July with live sand / Rock Premium Fiji live — how many pounds should I wear? I'm going to start adding corals as in 6 months or less. What are the best for a nano reef tank? Any advice? Can you give me link or somthing where I can go to and store protein skimmers / Any media update for my nano tank

Here is some information to help you click the link below. Http: / / / SaltwaterAquariumSetup.htm In my opinion, you need a protein skimmer if you are planning to have a reef tank. The living coral rock or must be at a specific temperature, preferably to 78-82 degrees. So if you have an air conditioner, you should buy one for a cooler will cost approximately U.S. $ 400-500.00. You may be able to find refrigerators that are cheaper, but the average price range is listed above. Note that each has their own likes and dislikes, if you click on the link listed above, I'll tell you what equipment should be used. For more information, you can search for marine aquarium on Wikipedia, which is also very accurate. Hope this helps, thanks for asking …………..

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