Brackish Water

By · Monday, July 6th, 2009

Brackish Water

Water filters throughout the house are a good idea for many of us, but do not be fooled by hype. Before buying a water filter whole house, do homework. In this way, you know the water is safe at home, but you will not spend more than necessary. We've done some leg work for you. This is what we have learned.

There are only a few well filters whole house water on the market. They range in price from just under $ 1000 to nearly $ 6000 and this is not a case of "you get what you pay". The least expensive and most expensive basically the same job. Those in the center (SKW and Source of Life) are somewhat more debatable.

There are certain things you want your water filter whole house to do. If the water comes from a water treatment plant, then you need to remove chlorine.

Water treatment plants use chlorine to disinfect water. Originally it was thought that the level of chlorine in tap water is probably safe for human consumption. But more and more scientific reports are telling us otherwise. Even the FDA has acknowledged that the shower in chlorinated water the chlorine release in the air as gases of chloroform, and chloroform gas, is found in detectable levels in most homes across the country.

Entire filters water from the house to solve the problem of chlorine, but the manufacturer must be able to produce certified documentation to prove this assertion. Underwriter's Laboratory (UL), evaluates water filters whole house, whether the certification of manufacturing applications. The whole house water filter SKW has no UL or not mark the source of life. Then there is Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Reverse osmosis systems are not designed to remove chlorine, or what they say, in most cases. The systems are extremely expensive, over $ 10,000 for the least expensive models and are best when used in an industrial environment. To domestic use, a reverse osmosis system must have an accompanying filtration system to remove all microscopic contaminants that leaves the RO system in water.

Reverse osmosis water filters whole are only beneficial if you brine or brackish water well. In other words, if the water tastes like salt water. And yet are not the best options for drinking water. RO water removes most minerals. It is also a very slow process and uses about 5 gallons of water to produce one gallon of drinking water.

There are many other disadvantages of reverse osmosis systems, but the list is long and what they really want is the best water filter whole house. Suffice say that the ferry is not.

Water filters whole house must remove "particles" of water. Particles can be organic or inorganic but they are microscopic in size. The source of all life filter household water does not remove particles. It has a stage micron filtration, but the cost to the system is over $ 3000. Electricity required for operation and washed by hand. Something of a practical system.

The SKW all water block filter particles at the home of more than 10 microns. The Wellness MG, which is the most expensive system we mentioned above, costs nearly $ 6000, and bundles of particles over 5 microns.

In our opinion, the best system is the least expensive. These water filters whole house by Aquasana block particles larger than 5 microns, more than 99% of chlorine, not requires electricity, is UL certified and requires no back washing. It rhymes with the name of an African animal …

Now is the time to put what I have learned to work and improve the quality of your water.

Mark Hegge – Dedicated to researching and improving the quality of the water we consume. For more information on multiple filtration Home Water Purifiers visit the following website:

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