Bulb Esu

By · Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Bulb Esu
Take porcelain dome lights?

I found a lot of lights on the ceiling in my garage (brrrrr), and wanted to know how can I tell if taken porcelain? Both mean maximum power is 250 watts and the base is white. You can safely say that could be used for the UV lamp coil ESU?

Yes you can. The EDU bulb uses only 20W and doesn't get very hot at all. I use it for my baby painted turtles and pygmy cameras. They buldbs cut large light bill.LoL dont produce a lot of ultraviolet rays, but do the job for younger children. Heat until they can also do be used on porcelain or porcelain lamps. I use table lamps securing $ 5 Walmart for my bulbs ESU and have never had a problem. Hope this helps ……

AMS Plymouth 1927 Diesel Switcher On30

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