Bulbs Reef

By · Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Bulbs Reef
My reef tank algae?

I have a 55 gallon reef aquarium I want to be. You mentioned low. A 40-watt bulb 20,000 degrees Kelvin, a canister Penguin 330, high tech sea skimmer, about 20 pounds of live rock. My problem is that i cannot seem to get algae to grow in it. His been running for almost 8 months. The only thing that grows is red mud. What am I doing wrong or what I do please help?

There is nothing more frustrating then waiting for your dream tank to mature. The red mud is a precursor to regular algae. Why not buy a rock covered with seaweed and some calurpa to seed your tank. I found that the red mud did not disappear until I had something to replace it that would make use of nitrates. It seems to have everything you need (and a huge amount of patience). I'm assuming you're still doing regular water changes with RO water and set your timer ligjt about 8 hours. A turkey Loose enough to help beat the mud to slide your filters and can be removed. Limo most is not healthy for your tank.

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