Butterfly Koi

By · Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Butterfly Koi

Heart, butterfly and star tattoo designs are great to start if you're a girl, a freshman tattoo or two. On the one hand, tattoos are permanent so a simple way to see if you can live with it or not is to start with these styles of cute little ink that are beautiful and attractive.

Small tattoos, as hearts, butterflies and stars are usually signed at the wrist, feet, lower back, ankle, neck or ear. Given the fact that are tattooed on a smaller scale, a clean look and simple usually works best because it will leave enough space for all that is clear. A complex framework to look at and a lot of details that may not be appropriate for such a small tattoo.

Heart, butterfly and star tattoos look wonderful and symbols are universally cool. They can be very feminine, both in appearance and symbolic meaning associated. The heart is a symbol of women used often as an expression of romantic love. Butterfly represents change or transformation and rebirth, while the star is considered a symbol of truth, the spirit and hope.

Another good things about small tattoo designs in miniature is the fact that they are inexpensive to make. Only remember to go to a tattoo studio trust to ensure that you carry out the appropriate tattoo process. There a lot of risks such as infections and make sure you do your research for a tattoo artist well before deciding to buy one.

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butterfly koi and red fish

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