Cichlid Tropical

By · Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Cichlid Tropical
you can put cichlids and tropical fish together? an expert in fish please?

I know you can not combine oscers, Dempsey firemouths, and very aggressive with tropical fish, but can be mixed with peaceful cichlids tropical fish? Thank you.

Yes you can … their success will be determined by the amount of research you do on the individual fish will mix. I am of African and South American Cichlids Asian "community" Variety, along with some other odd balls. The key is not to mix the fish that you like hard alkaline water with other people who like soft acidic water. Many varieties elevated tank have adapted to "live" in most aquarium settings from 6.8 to 7.6 pH and 72 *- 78 * temp, but to thrive needs to rely more things to their Please. Most of Africa, for example, will be "better" with temps in the range of 80 and PH 8.0 to 8.5 and the most Discus become even better in the 80s, but in the range of pH 6.5 (whether cichlids), while the gold fish as cooler water in the 60's to low 70. Basically, what is "YOUR" FISH! You do not have to know everything about fish in general, but he knows the fish to keep. Are you the owner of the dog that keeps your dog outside in a fenced backyard a chain, hey that's life right dog, or he who teaches you to stay in the yard to buy a specific breed food and vet visits for checkups more you take yourself to the doctor? Sorry, but to get there to address one of the "answers" MOST people working at Petco petsmarts are good people and young workers on their way to college or somewhere else in your life and really know little more than are the labels on the front of those in aquariums. Even many of the managers know about some fish, but only about making orders and talk to the distributors. Unless a fish Store only be difficult to find better advice to a mom and pop store either. You have the best resource at your fingertips and on their shoulders. There are many forums with precise knowledge-rich people. Search for fish or aquarium forum in google and you'll come with pages! Reduce it further to your question as a forum or forum cichlid fish tropical and still receives hundreds of people. A word of warning take a lot of tips to get with a grain of salt. Many of these veterans are set to forms and speak in absolute terms. Take in all the advice they get, and you'll get a lot in most of them and find what works for you. But in any way in the year 20 be of age at the local pet (once) an authority in most aquariums in any city (thought you'd see me get caught in a way that you do not:)

African Cichlid tropical tank

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