Coated Glass Hole

By · Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Coated Glass Hole
What can I make jewelry for a tooth belonging to a family member of mine? 247 I want with me?

I have a tooth belonging to my late mother I have deep respect. She was cremated and her teeth is the only original piece left in this world. I want this tooth on something I can use so you can feel his love, even when not around me. My question is: What kind of jewelry can do with this? I want to make a necklace, but drilling a hole through it is too risky. He said that maybe I could layer of resin or glass top to protect it while keeping it transparent. PS I wear this necklace, even when I bathe, so I want some protection on it. If any of you have any ideas, please tell me what you might think. If possible, Please refer to someone good. (Money is not an important factor). PS: I want to display smart: Do not want to just download it into a kind of plastic that is horribly ugly. Thx Guys

That is sweet. Get it plunged into a kind of resin so it stays hard. Teeth decay if not in your mouth. It will crack and break. Then, once it is coated to obtain a beautiful teardrop-shaped bubble of glass and put that into a string. But they also have some accounts attached to it to be elegant. Maybe have it so that the tooth into the crystal ball descends a little and perhaps accounts their birthstone and yours are over it …. the chain is attached to that. Good luck.

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