Coated Glass

By · Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Coated Glass

Choosing the right glass is one of the most important and far-reaching decisions that an architect or building owner will ever make. This decision affects the overall design, human, energy efficiency, comfort, design of HVAC and mechanical stress, day lighting, condensation control, ultraviolet fading and sound control. In the design of any building (whether residential, commercial or industrial), one must look at and take into account the six main glazing design challenges. These are:

Comfort and winter or heating load

Comfort summer cooling load

Day lighting, natural or

or appearance and reflectivity

control or UV Fading

or condensation control

Heat Mirror (TM) wavelength selective product family to offer the solution to all glass design challenges such as climate, elevation and application. These solutions provide unparalleled flexibility to "tune" a building to meet these needs. As more and more architects, builders and owners Housing adopt technology buildings will move south wall of the part of the environmental problem of their solution.

Heat Mirror (TM) is a product low-emissivity coated film suspended within an insulating glass unit. The result is a triple unit with two air space without the weight of the triple insulating glass, with far superior insulating and shading performance. Window Man offers two types of Heat Mirror (TM), which are: HM 88 and HM 66. These range from the low reflectivity, high transmission efficiency of light of Heat Mirror 88 by executing shader Heat Mirror 66.

All Heat Mirror products can be used with virtually any type of glass – clear, heat absorbing, reflective, heat strengthened, tempered, laminated – to achieve superior performance in a wide range of aesthetics.

Heat Mirror insulating glass is available with a variety of clear coatings for mastering the hot sun. Heat Mirror 66 to Heat Mirror 88, solar heat gain is properly controlled, and offers energy efficiency compared with air-conditioning costs and offers the following benefits ..

Improved comfort

Even when the outside temperature is very low, Heat Mirror keeps
the internal temperature near the glass temperature environment,
reduction projects and announcements cold near the windows.

Mnimal condensation

Resists heat mirror winter condensation at exterior temperatures
up to 45 degrees colder than conventional insulating glass, a
particularly important benefit for pool and spa enclosures,
computer rooms and other high humidity environments.

Reduced Fading Fabric

Heat Mirror insulating glass blocks 99.5% ultraviolet rays of the sun
(UV) radiation, helping reduce damage to the units of value
and merchandise from fading and deterioration. Laboratory
the Studies indicate that the tissue behind clear Heat Mirror glazing
resist fading and retain their original color up to three times
because the fabric behind single pane of glass.

Noise Control

In noisy environments, Heat Mirror's unique construction
protects against the unwanted sound transmission better than
ordinary double-pane windows. Heat Mirror can be used with
laminated glass in the inward and / or outboard light for maximum
noise control.

After 14 years in the new window installation business, I found that most people have little or no knowledge of the availability of different window of the low E and Argon filled glass. Most windows are replaced by the primary concern is energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs.
I suggest taking the time to test various suppliers and the values of R and U of the products offered by windows, as this long-term benefit in making the right decision.

The two products have sold in recent years, Traco and Kensington, both have websites with lots of information about their products.
More information on heat Mirror (TM) can be found in

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