Color Enhancing

By · Friday, July 31st, 2009

Color Enhancing

Who wants to go to sleep, be passionate with your sweetie, or waking up in a boring date outside master bedroom bed. Lets face it, in this economy most of us stay put and not leave our homes as much as we used to. Many of us have decided not to move, but to redesign our homes and why not start with the master bedroom. Have you ever stayed in a hotel room or bed at breakfast that you wish could be your home? Why Why not turn your room into that special place.

If you are actually going to go ahead and do something about your room, why not start with your walls. Darker, richer color of paint can really do the trick. I met three rooms all have fantastic wall color, improve mood, to calm and a little wild.

The first room walls are painted in a rich dark purple, called Tropical Sunset 2117-40. This room would be great if you added dark wood floors and cream sheer curtains of the windows in a soft booty. A canopy bed with sheer fabric cascading the posts will add a soft romantic touch to the room. The bed quilt must be in a lot of rich velvet with soft down pillows for added comfort. You can fill the room with a fantastic chandelier hanging in the middle of the room.

For a quieter atmosphere and is softer can use a soft Auckland 2135-50. This is a beautiful blue-gray color that has a fresh clean environment to it. White plantation shutter in your window and natural wool carpet creamy texture will add to the romantic feel soothing room. Your bedding can be soft and luxurious in white sheets with pillows of texture in the same shade of blue. If you have room for a lounge in cotton soft wash would add to the soft comfort of the room. Shot in an old little white end tables washing and maybe add a fake fireplace if not already have one. This room can also use a water feature, even if it is a small fountain that is on a table. Recessed lights add a nice clean feel to the room and be sure to add a regulator to improve mood.

The third bed room can add a touch of the wild side by accentuating the room with animal print is successful you can have a timeless, sophisticated appeal. The walls are painted a rich tan dawnport. This is a velvety deep brown color comes from the Historic Collection HC-76. Then I would add a tropical touch to this room with distressed wood floors in a cherry stain and bamboo fan. The carpet would be a false animal print in brown deep, cream and black. The window will be covered by a bamboo curtain rod above it and two curtain panels on each side of the window. The fabric on the windows material can be a heavy or light, depending on how heavy you want the room to feel. The bed may have touches of red and black with brown and cream added in I like to add a touch of red when I can, always adds a bit of passion and excitement to any room in bed. The pillows on the bed must have some patterns of the animals in it. If you have room for a chair or love seat is a small place where you could also add a pattern of the animals too.

I Three rooms have been terrible for you, you have to choose what you wake up the passion in you. A double room is the hallmark of a great relationship, so Why not have the room of your dreams. If you have a photo of a room that you want to create, but not sure how to begin to call me and I will be happy to give you some advice. All paint colors are referred to the Benjamin Moore collection can be found online or through a designer.

Dawn Michael interior design is located in Southern California. Dawn Michael has been creating beautiful interiors for fifteen years. She is a licensed contractor and holds a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and has helped many couples to design the home of their dreams. You can visit her web page at

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